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    The Australian Law Students' Association (ALSA) is a national not-for-profit association comprising all Law Student Societies and Law Student Associations, representing approximately 28,000 law students.

    As an Australian law student, you are automatically a member of ALSA. From publications to scholarships, ALSA is your national representative body for your law school experience.

    Browse our website to know more about what we do, our education policy, national career opportunities, law school competitions, read our publications, scholarship opportunities and more.

  • ALSA Conference

    ALSA Conference is the highlight of the ALSA calendar. Held annually in July, the Conference is attended by more than 500 law students from Australia, New Zealand, and South-East Asia. It is one of the largest student conferences in Australia, and the only conference of its kind for law students.

    The Conference is home to the national finals of 6 legal competitions. Over 350 legal professionals evaluate the performance of our competitors each year ranging from solicitors to Chief Justices. The ALSA Conference will feature a range of other activities, including Australian Legal Education Forums, ALSA Council, Gala Dinners with keynote speakers, Speakers’ Forums, social events and day trips.
  • ALSA Council

    The ALSA Council is a body comprising of the ALSA Executive, the ALSA Committee and two representatives (usually the president and a vice president) from each of the 33 law student societies in Australia.

    The Council meets three times a year. As ALSA's managing body, the Council so discusses any current issues in ALSA administration. The Council also discusses national issues in legal education to inform the stance that the ALSA Executive & Committee takes on these issues. The Council's most important function is as a knowledge sharing forum for law student societies. Each meeting includes a number of workshops, seminars and break-out groups on topics nominated by councillors based on issues facing their law society.
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